We have prepared various tours that can fully enjoy Yamakoshi.

Cooking “Yukimuro” foods

Food preserved in the snow room which is one of the wisdom of the life of the snow country is reconsidered also from its unique taste and nutrition aspect. We will cook rice with cooked rice with many valuable ingredients that are rarely on the market.

“Kanjiki” trekking tour

Taking a Japanese snowshoe "Kanjiki", trek through the snow. Enjoy winter activities unique to the famous Yamakoshi which is also a heavy snowy ground.

Visiting the longest hand dug tunnel in Japan

The longest hand digging tunnel in Japan is what it was here in Yamakoshi. Moreover, Yamakoshi is ranked in within __ of the length ◯ other book! What is the human power of Yamakoshi who also has such a record? I will approach that attraction.

Studying disaster prevention

From the characteristics of the area and experience of the earthquake disaster, we can learn a wealth of knowledge about disaster prevention.

Life with the Nishikigoi

Yamakoshi area also known as the place of origin of Nishikigoi. People living here have a special relationship with Nishikigoi. Why do not you feel close to the life with Nishikigoi?

Photowalking in Yamakoshi

The scenery which spreads rice terraces and shelf ponds with the same shape as one has various facial expressions depending on the season. Why do not you take a walk through a number of photogenic spots that shine SNS, such as rare scenery unique to Nishikigoi cradle and original landscape of Japan's satoyama.