Group Name

Yamakoshi Farm Staying Promotion


Yamakoshi-Mushigame 3373-1, Nagaoka, Niigata (within CHUETSU Disaster-Prevention Frontier)


0258-94-5223 (within 8TRIPS)

Member of Group

  • CHUETSU Disaster-Prevention Frontier | Regional Coordination
  • FARM8 | Produce regional information, etc.
  • Yamakoshi Tourist Association | Yamakoshi District Tourism Attraction
  • Yamakoshi plantation | Regional production volume
  • 8TRIPS | Travel Industry (Goverment Registration No.3)

Groups that work together

Snow Food Nagaoka Brand Association | Promotion of food brands that benefit from snow

Project Implementation Plan

Focusing on winter season, we promote agricultural business with pesticing food culture, wisdom and landscape that snow country brought up. Together with the promotion of domestic and overseas promotion for domestic and overseas, we will carry out experience tours, commercialization of processed foods and opening of events in accordance with the time of trial package tour in winter.