The history of Yamakoshi’s bullfighting is old, it is said to have been a thousand years ago. Yamakoshi came to keep cows when carrying luggage in a rice paddy in a mountain or cultivating a field, a cow that was strong in her legs and withstood cold and coarse food and full of fighting spirit was a valuable worker It is. In close relation, bullfighting took root as entertainment of people of Yamakoshi.

Two bovines that match each other’s horns and intermingle violently. A brave fight holding sweat in hands. Please enjoy the pride of the region that inherited the thousand years history.

(From the Yamakoshi Official Website)

Period from May to the early November

Dates Time Open: 10:00 Start: 13:00
Fee Adult: 2,000
No admission fee for children of 12 and under
Parking Available
Contact +81-258−94−5223 (8TRIPS)