Competitive Exhibition of Nishikigoi


In the era when the country promoted livestock promotion to farmers and encouraged breed improvement actively in order to compete for superiority and inferiority of cattle horses etc, we regarded the place to announce the results of carps raised by each producer as a committee .

Today, various large and small committees are held throughout the country, and Nishikigoi booths such as the United States and Europe, Asian countries as well as Australia, Brazil and South Africa are held at all of the six continents.

In the Yamakoshi area, we hold the Nagaoka City Exhibition of Nishikigoi boasting the oldest history in Japan every October.

As it is difficult to judge carpes of different breeds and sizes on the same basis at the judging of the grand prize, the exhibition carp is classified in small categories.

One criterion is “position classification” based on the size of the carp, accurately measuring each tail of the exhibited fish, and setting the 5 cm increments as the posture classification.

Another classification standard is “Category classification”. In the exhibition with a small number of exhibits, multiple varieties are grouped together into one section, but the large variety is classified and classified finely at a big exhibition.