Farm Stands


In the spring, wild vegetables such as Udo, Zenmai, Kohsiabura, Specialty Kanagurananban, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Yuugou, Omoinohoka (Edible Chrysanthemum), Yamakoshi Komachi (Edible Chrysanthemum), and Autumn in Mushrooms, Fresh ingredients line up according to the season. (I am sorry that the winter period is closed …)

Tanesuhara Settlement

Nakano <Map>

We sell fresh wild freshly picked vegetables and vegetables in the morning. Wild vegetables are Udo, Warabi, Kinome, Urui, summer vegetables are Kagurananban, Corn, Autumn vegetables are pleasantly sweet cabbage, Japanese radish, Chinese cabbage etc due to temperature difference in the morning and evening.

Fanrm Stand “Sai-sai” <Map>

We are selling mountain vegetables and processed goods from Sorybara and are home to homemade croquettes made with locally grown vegetables, garlic, Kagurananban miso. In addition, Yamakoshi lunch box and reservation sale are sold at our direct sales office original vegetable lunch box lunch. Please make your reservation 3 days in advance.

Mushigame  Settlement

Furusato Farm Stand <Map>

It is a direct selling place for wild vegetables and home-grown vegetables. We have abundant variety. Vegetables, Chinese cabbage, Taina, Nozawana vegetables etc sell well. Orders are also accepted.

Tanada Farm Stand <Map>

Wild vegetables, seasonal vegetables, mushroom direct selling place. Kagurananban is popular, but herbal tea (Dokudami, Yakon, gennohshoko, etc.) is also one of the hidden popular items.

Takezawa Settlement

Dōdo Farm Stand <Map>

It is a direct selling place of wild vegetables and seasonal vegetables. We sell a wide variety of fresh vegetables in the morning.

Fukuichi <Map>

Kagurananban, Eggplant, Cucumber, Potato, Takezawa Rice are popular for vegetables and wild vegetables are in general. In May and October to November 3, we also have instant sales of Nishikigoi.

Yubu Settlement

Alpaca Ranch Farm Stand <Map>

We sell alpaca goods besides wild vegetables and fresh vegetables in the morning.

Katsuraya Settlement

Katsuraya Farm Stand <Map>

We sell wild vegetables, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms and so on. Kagurananban is popular, and customers are popular as “Kagurananban here is painful”.

Ikedani Settlement

Ikedani Farm Stand <Map>

We sell mountain vegetables from Yamakoshi Nanpei. Udo, Zenmai and other wild plants are popular with less access and delicious. Azuki beans, potatoes, radishes, etc. are popular in field crops. You can use the toilet at Ikedani Settlement Center on business days.

Kogomo Settlement

Kogomo Satomi Ann Farm Stand <Map>

Vegetables such as Kagurananban, wild vegetables, Koshihikari Rice are all produced in Kokomo Settlement. We sell Yamakoshi beef stew only on Saturdays and Sundays. There are also handmade souvenirs by members of “Yamakoshi Kogomo Hometown”, which is popular for decorative gourds. Also, there is a toilet, please use.